New Testament Basics 5

Introduction of the last book of the New Testament-


Author- Apostle John

Written to the 7 Churches in Western Asia Minor [modern Turkey]

Dated- Around 95 A.D.

Theme- Encouraging the faithful to stand firm amidst persecution and not to compromise, since Christ’s return is imminent and he will deliver the righteous and judge the wicked.

Number 7 is used 52 times in this book.

This book is interpreted in 4 ways

1. Preterist view- All events in the book have taken place in the 1st century.

2. Historicist view- Events in book are from Patmos to the end of history.

3. Futurist view- Book speaks of the end times.

4. Idealist view- Book with symbolic pictures of victory of good over evil.

Key Word- Revelation of the return of Jesus Christ.

Content- John in Patmos, Vision of the resurrected Christ, Letters to the seven churches, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls, Destruction of Babylon, 2 Resurrections, Lake of fire, Final judgment of Satan, New heaven and new earth, New Jerusalem.